Everything about SNAKYS explained

The game & the goal

How the game works

You and the other players spawn in random locations on the map.
Every player automatically moves forward and draws a line with small,
randomly occuring gaps as its path. If you run into any line or a border, you die.
You can avoid this, by changing the direction, you are moving or using abilities.

How to win

The goal is very simple:
Earn the most points, by killing others and staying alive for as long as possible.
One of the best ways for staying alive and earning points is, by excluding yourself and outliving the others
- but watch out for abilities of other players!
One teleport can ruin your whole round...
On the other hand, you can try and kill.

How not to die

There are basically only 2 ways to die in SNAKYS.
You can die by running into your line or into the line from others, or by hitting the border of the map.
So try and avoid that - just as a tip.



You can buy up to 4 abilities after every round, using your coins you earned in the rounds before.
You can only use one ability at a time and only activate the first one in your inventory.
Any unused abilities are taken into the next round.

Ability list

In the following is a list of every ability available in game


Move slower than usual, so you can move more precise.


Move faster than usual to overtake someone.

Smaller turns

Turn in a sharp angle to master even the tiniest gaps.

Cubic turns

Turn in 90° anglesm, so you can pass through even sharper corners, but it's not that easy to handle.

Clear board

Everything back to the start - reset the whole board.

Shoot holes

Create holes inside of existing lines.

Spawn obstacle

Summon a vertical wall, if you need to become a bit bigger for a moment

Pass through walls

Allows you to walk trough the board borders.

Fake teleport

Makes you think, you switched places, but you didn't


Switch places with a random player


Become invisible for a short time, but you can't see yourself either.


You simply can't die, no matter what you do.

Random death

Kill a random player, but you can die, too.


W/Arrow up

Use Ability

A/Arrow left

Make a turn to the left

D/Arrow right

Make a turn to the right

Points & Coins

Points are the score of SNAKYS. Points determin your final ranking on the leaderboard.
Coins are the in-game currency of SNAKYS, you can use them to buy abilities, that give you advantages in-game.

Earning points

You earn 1 point for each player you outlived.
If you manage to win a round, you will be rewareded with another 2 extra points, for winning. In case you didn't earn points for a while or are far behind others you may gain a comeback multiplier, so not everything is lost.

Earning coins

You start with a capital of 100 - 400 coins, depending on the game settings. You're rewarded 100 coins per round you play. For every player, that you outlive you will be given 50 extra coins. You gain 50 coins for every kill you make, except yourself.
You don't earn coins through direct kills using abilities (i.e. "Random death"). If you play risky and try to go through the small gaps in lines, you will be given 50 coins. In case you win, you will recieve another 100 coins.


The more players the better, if you don't have enough friends try and make the game public ;)